The ACE Curriculum

The ACE Curriculum Advisory Board is chaired by ACE Founder Tom Poland. In addition to being a serial business starter Tom is a professionally qualified educator and has created commercially empowering programs specifically for entrepreneurs for in excess of 17 years.

Tom personally selects other Curriculum Advisory Board members to ensure that students are equipped with a balanced mix of entrepreneurial skills.

The ACE Curriculum is not fully disclosed on this website for reasons of commercial sensitivity. However an outline of the two year syllabus is available on request.

The ACE Curriculum equips entrepreneurs with the necessary strategies and systems, including planning and review forms, in the following eight Entrepreneurial Strategic Capabilities:

  1. Marketing
  2. Product
  3. Customer
  4. Leadership
  5. Team
  6. Data
  7. Digital
  8. Money

ACE also runs sessions on essential personal development strategies and systems such as managing time for optimal outcomes, ensuring you have enough time for the top priorities of health and family, how to win the mind game (confidence, self-esteem, fulfilment, creativity), personal health creation and more.