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  • The Entrepreneurial Style Profile (ESP) is a free and unique tool that reveals your entrepreneurial strengths and unique combination of natural business talents which we call your “Entrepreneurial DNA”.
  • When you receive your personalized ESP report you’ll clearly see how to invest your time to generate increasing levels of business wealth as well as a greater sense of personal fulfillment.


    • You’ll also discover the roles that you must delegate in order to free up your time and further accelerate the growth of your business


  • The ESP profiling tool has been developed by the  College For Entrepreneurship and is based on experience with over 2,000 entrepreneurs from the last 17 years
  • On average it takes 9 minutes to complete and you’ll then have access to the full report (nothing held back and nothing to pay)




Q: Who developed the ESP Profiling Tool?

A: ESP was the brainchild of Tom Poland who in 1995 founded the Entrepreneur’s Success Program and more recently the College For Entrepreneurship

Q: Why was ESP developed?

A: What Poland discovered was that many business owners and entrepreneurs felt that they needed to perform well across many roles. He also understood and observed that every single client had a combination of unique abilities and a natural behavioral style which he referred to as their “Entrepreneurial Fingerprint”.

Once a client was clear about their natural Entrepreneurial Style they often felt a freedom to invest their time in a way that played to their natural strengths.

This, together with the delegation of “non-natural” roles combined to rapidly accelerate the growth of their business as well as leaving them feeling more passionate and more fulfilled about their work.

After much testing Poland published the Entrepreneurial Style Profile. Since then hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs have discovered their natural pathway to business wealth and personal fulfillment.

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