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Success Leaves Clues

tom_polandTom Poland is the founder and director of the AustraliAsiaNZ College for Entrepreneurship.

Tom started his first business at age 24 and has started and sold many others since.

He’s launched into industries as diverse as software, security, industrial cleaning and education.

Tom established his last business in two countries and created a multi-million dollar revenue from scratch.

As both a successful business owner as well as a qualified teacher Tom combined the skill sets and since 1995 he’s devoted himself full time to creating programmes for entrepreneurs. At last count Tom’s programmes have influenced 1,796 clients across 193 different industries and multiple countries. The following are just a few comments which indicate the powerful effect that his programmes have had on entrepreneurs.

Fred Soar
Owner and director, Soar Printing
59 staff
Printing Industry

Working with the program has added several million to my bottom line and to the value of my business!

Win Charlebois
Founder and Owner, The Diamond Shop
7 staff
Diamond Jewelry manufacturing, wholesale and retail

As a result of following Tom’s system my business rapidly increased in value and is now worth millions

Grant Faber
Retired ex-owner/director of Superbokers Ltd and Crossmark Industries
45 staff
Inventory, warehousing, logistics, sales support

The value of the business as a result of the process that we worked on and your methodology certainly increased by many millions

Mark Rocket
MD, Rocket Lab and others
5 staff
Internet platforms, websites, tourism, sub-orbital space rockets

I was fortunate enough to sell one of my businesses for millions in 2006 and Tom’s program was an integral part of that success

Mark Champion
Owner and GM, Cheapskates
8 staff (local shop), 118 staff (national outlets)
Youth and urban wear, skates and snowboards

For anyone who is a business owner and who is serious about making their business worth millions … then you should seriously consider Tom’s program