The ACE Difference


At ACE we’re seriously committed to providing not only the most practical and effective education in entrepreneurship, but we’re equally dedicated to supporting you while you implement our strategies and methodologies.

That’s why we’ve developed so many points of difference and it’s why we offer our FAN service (Faculty Access Network) enabling you to connect 24/7 to a whole network of entrepreneurs that you can reach out to, with your questions or challenges.

FAN is just one of many reasons that ACE is unique in the world of entrepreneurial education. We invite you to read on to discover more…


ribbon1You Learn From Real-World, Proven Successful Entrepreneurs

You may have noticed our by-line: “For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs”. ACE is different to most university based programs in that the majority of our presenters are proven real-world entrepreneurs who typically generate tens of millions of revenue from their start-ups every year.

ribbon2A Well-Rounded Curriculum That’s Created By Entrepreneurs

Most colleges for entrepreneurship borrow heavily from their own MBA courses,which are designed with corporate managers in mind. Invariably the content is not pragmatic enough to deliver results fast enough in the cut and thrust world of owner-operator businesses.

ACE delivers practical, implementable and effective strategies by ensuring that our Advisory Board,which guides the creation and ongoing refinement of our curriculum, is made up of two-thirds entrepreneurs and one-third specialists. This means that our curriculum is based on up to date, real-word experience rounded out by specialist educators and consultants.

In short, the ACE curriculum gives you the best of both entrepreneurial experience and professional educator know-how.

ribbon3A Better Balanced Faculty

Our faculty is better balanced between female and male entrepreneurs and that means you receive a gender-balanced view of the entrepreneurial world. After all, half of the people on earth are female which means that there’s a good chance that half your market, half your team and half of your suppliers are female. You simply can’t receive a well-balanced, well-rounded education without a gender-balanced faculty.

Lastly, entrepreneurs tend to be either clinical in their approach (e.g. Warren Buffet) or creative (e.g. Richard Branson). The ACE Faculty has both because we’ve learned from experience that a well rounded entrepreneur benefits from both. Your entrepreneurial education is more complete when you experience both the science based approach as well as the intuitive.

ribbon4A More Flexible Curriculum

As you probably know, ACE offers a two year curriculum-based program, meeting every 90 days over the two years.

However we’re also aware that if you have a need for key information now, you don’t want to have to wait a year or two in order to experience that particular information.

ACE gives you more flexibility and more choice of what you learn and when you learn. Almost all presentations are recorded and we are compiling an online library. Every year you’re able to request up to three viewings of presentations of your choice. That means if you need to know about raising venture capital now, you can get almost instant access to the key steps.

(Note that this feature is only available as we progressively record presentations over the first two years of the program.)

ribbon5On Demand Access To Our Network Of Faculty Members And Colleagues

Virtually all colleges provide group classes on a regular basis. However ACE goes beyond that. We know from experience that there will be times in between your group meetings that you’ll get stuck and need some advice. And you probably won’t have the luxury of being able to wait two or three months for your next meeting in order to find a solution.

ACE Faculty Members are connected via our unique digital “Faculty Assist Network” (FAN) which operates 24/7. You can post your issue on FAN and you’ll receive responses from Faculty Members and Student Members, sometimes immediately. This has the potential to deliver a rich list of options for you to solve virtually any challenge you face.

Or, if you prefer, ACE also provides a “Clarity Call” service where you can request a consult with a Faculty Member to gain the ear and advice of an experienced entrepreneur or specialist. This is a one on one call that requires a relatively minor additional investment.

ribbon6Performance Guarantee

To the best of our knowledge, no other course, program, school or college for entrepreneurship in the world has the courage of their convictions to the extent that they offer a performance guarantee. We can offer such a guarantee because we “keep it real” in terms of what we teach.

We are so confident that what you’ll discover with ACE will add tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even millions) to your revenue that we offer our unique Four Year Value Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: graduate from our 2 year program and implement just 50% of the strategies and ideas revealed and if after two years you have not increased your revenue by at least ten times the fees you’ve paid then we will cheerfully refund your entire fee. (Reasonable conditions apply, see the application form for details.)

ribbon7Source Of Funding And Why It Matters

Almost all courses, programs and schools for entrepreneurship are funded by universities with commercial intent. As entrepreneurs, we have no problem with the idea of commercial intent! However we are equally mindful that, “He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

By keeping our source of funding independent of governments and universities we avoid being accountable to a board of education regulators and, instead, we maintain the autonomy to determine the most effective content for our students.

ribbon8A True World View Of Entrepreneurship

We’ve take pains to source our Faculty from around the world, literally. The reason that we resisted the easy route of sourcing Faculty Members locally is for two reasons.

Firstly our criterion for Faculty Members has nothing to do with their place of residence but, rather, their ability to add value.

Secondly, we want you to receive a true world view of entrepreneurship. By using video technology we’ve attracted Faculty Members from around the world. Our presenters come from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, Europe and the UK.

So you’ll experience a diverse range of entrepreneurial experience that crosses boundaries and cultures and, in doing so, broadens your awareness and understanding of global possibilities.

ribbon9Accelerated Growth Structure

Attending regular classes is often both inspirational and educational. However the strategies that you’ll learn will not be implemented by osmosis. When you get back into the busy world of your business you’ll need additional motivation and focus to actually implement the strategies and systems that you’ve been given.

ACE increases the intensity of your focus by insisting on two key elements to each meeting.

Firstly, at the end of each meeting you’ll be asked to make a personal commitment to which strategies you’ll be implementing during the upcoming quarter.

Secondly, you’ll be required to report on your progress and results at the following meeting. No wriggle-room. If you’re serious about getting growth, ACE provides the environment for accelerated performance.

ribbon10Align Your Key Team Members With Your Goals

One of the problems you may have discovered with many courses is that, when you return to your business with some great ideas, you need to “translate” what you’ve learned … and something always gets “lost in translation”.

At ACE, for a relatively small additional fee, you’re invited to bring along a key team member to each session. It can be the same person each time or different people. That way you’ll have an “ideas champion” returning with you to your business, supporting you and assisting you in the implementation of the new strategies that you’ve discovered.

ribbon11Implementation Maximisation

You only benefit from a course or program once you implement what you’ve learned. And several things need to happen in order to maximize the likelihood of implementation.

Firstly you need time after every presentation to debrief and to identify key concepts, ideas and strategies to implement.

ACE gives you that time at the end of every presentation. Instead of cramming in presentation after presentation, and expecting you to plan after the event, we have you leaving every day with your plan already clear and executable.

Our unique digital planning tool makes it easy for you to capture “take away” strategies that are right for your business, right now.

Next, we facilitate cross-learning between students so that you further enrich your entrepreneurial experience. Many students in the past have commented that the ideas gleaned from fellow attendees were immensely valuable.

Also, in order to maximize and accelerate post-program implementation we give you a structure to keep you accountable and on track from the first day you get back into the ‘busy-ness’ of your business.

Lastly, our system of live quarterly meetings gives you time to implement. We’re aware that we could give you our whole curriculum in one block course as an “accelerator program”; however we’re equally aware that after 3 – 6 months back in your office all of the great ideas will have slipped like water through fingers.

In short, ACE gives you time during each meeting to carefully plan and we give you the time, structure and support you need in between meetings to implement.

ribbon12A Truly Holistic Work/Life Balance Philosophy

“What does it profit you to gain the whole world but lose your soul?”

At ACE you’ll not only discover what you need to do in order to achieve entrepreneurial success but you’ll also implement those strategies.

However,from our decades of entrepreneurial experience, we’ve learned that’s not enough.

You need to enjoy success at work as well as at home. To that end we also include, in our curriculum, proven work/life balance strategies, health maximization methodologies and personal communication practices.

With these subjects included in the curriculum, ACE delivers you the means for whole-of-life success. And to ensure that you’ve got the balance right between work and home we also ask you to report on the number of free days you enjoy.

Many past clients have been delighted to experience the extra productivity gains and the vastly improved personal satisfaction that comes from a combination of rejuvenating free time and working smarter, not longer.